SiTi x TSS - Workshop for New Startup Subsidy Proposal
1080510 On May 10, SiTi collaborated with TSS and provide aspiring entrepreneurs on each subsidy and government grantsTaipei City Governments has to offer.Dur...
StartUP@Taipei~Introduction of SiTi and other government resources
1080509 On May 9th, the project office of SiTi invited the TPEX (Tapei Exchange), Angel Investment project, Project office of easy loan, and theStartup@Taipei...
StartUP@Taipei~~Workshop for the process when applicant pass the review
1080507 On May 17th, the project office of SiTi hole a workshop to provdie a tutorial of how to receive first funding when we pass review.In this workshop, th...
StartUP@Taipei~Introduction of SiTi and other resources
1080418 In thisseminar, the project office of SiTi invited the TPEX (Tapei Exchange) and the Startup@Taipeioffice to make the introduction of the grant and lo...
CCIFT Seminar - Taipei City: Best Partner for Startups and Entrepreneurs
1080319 In this seminar we invite theentrepreneur who is interested in the subsidy and resource that provide by Taipei Government.Counsellors from Taipei Gove...
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