Applying for a Credit Card, and Points to Note Regarding Credit Card Use【1080304】
  1. Application: A foreign national wishing to apply for a credit card must submit tax withholding certificates or other evidence of financial status, a photocopy of their passport, and a photocopy of a valid Alien Resident Certificate etc., and must submit their application according to the rules laid down by the Taipei Fubon Bank. Taipei Fubon Bank has the right to refuse to issue a card to any applicant, at its own discretion.
    *Applying Contact Window: Shifu Branch, Miss Chiang
      -Tel:+8862-2729-8999 Ext.114
      -Add:1F., No.1, Shifu Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City  (inside the Taipei City Hall)
  2. Dealing with a lost credit card: If a foreign resident loses a credit card, they can report the loss and stop payment using the card by calling Taipei Fubon Bank 24-hour card loss hotline. The cardholder may also be required to pay a card loss charge; for more details, please contact our customer service line +8862-8751-1313.
  3. Dispute resolution, revolving credit interest rates, fees, cardholder’s rights, and preferential service: Taipei Fubon Bank will notify the applicant regarding these matters in writing or by e-mail; for more information, please contact our customer service line +8862-8751-1313.

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