Open for application! 2021 Asia Pacific Social Innovation Partnership Award (APSIPA)【1100204】

With the gradual increase of global risks, how to develop innovative practices to ensure a future with sustainability will become mainstream. The Asia Pacific Social Innovation Partnership Award is established to explore dynamic social innovation models in the Asia Pacific and to motivate more change-makers to contribute to social innovation, discovering and celebrating social innovation partnerships that connect diverse stakeholders and make significant social impacts. Cases of partnerships will be required to set achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs) as their core value.

How to apply

  1. Application period: 2021/01/10 - 2021/03/01 (GMT+8 17:00)
    *Since we have received many inquiries for more time to prepare for the application, we would extend the deadline to 2021/03/05 (GMT+8 12:00). *
  2. Application website: https://si.taiwan.gov.tw/Home/ap_apply
  3. Please fill in the online application form in English only, and follow all the requirements (Appendix 1). At least one supporting document should be submitted along with the application; otherwise, the application will not be considered. Please complete the online application to enter the review and selection processes.
  4. Applicants are required to choose one category when registering, and are not allowed to alter the decision.
  5. Please fill in the recommendation form (Appendix 2), if applicable.
  6. The APSIPA taskforce will organize resources and build up connections among applicants and partners based on the needs from applicants in order to facilitate learning by sharing among organizations across different countries and areas. All the applicants are encouraged to fill in “APSIPA social network survey” (Appendix 3). We encourage applicants to share their most challenging pain points and challenges for the case. All the information will only be used for the arrangement of resources such as counseling and webinars for the members of the APSIPA social network. For the resources mentioned above will be open to the applicants.
  7. If you have any question regarding application, please contact us at siconsulting@moea.gov.tw. We will reply in two business days.
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