StartUP@Taipei~Introduction of SiTi and other government resources【1080509】

On May 9th, the project office of SiTi invited the TPEX (Tapei Exchange), Angel Investment project, Project office of easy loan, and the Startup@Taipei office to make the introduction of the grant, government resource and loan.

In this seminar, there were 101 companies and 123 attendees to participate.

For the TPEX (Tapei Exchange) could provide free counseling and help small-sized innovative companies in terms of establishing integrative counseling mechanism to provide accounting, internal control, marketing, and regulatory integrative counseling services. In this way, innovative non-public small-sized companies are able to set up internal control and corporate governance systems.

For Startup@Taipei Office, they help innovative entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams and start a business in Taipei. The office provides comprehensive entrepreneurial information, awards and subsidy referral, and one-on-one counseling and advice services. The office compiles entrepreneurial resources from all departments in Taipei City government, and has contact windows with all relative departments, so entrepreneurs can easily and quickly receive the information they need.

For angel investment, the National development fund, executive yuan provides an investment subsidy for startups to apply.

For the easy loan office, they make introduction about Young Entrepreneurs of the Loan and Small and medium enterprise of the loan. And during this section, they also teach th applicant how to write the proposal.

For the project office of SiTi, they make introduction about the Project of Subsidies & Incentives For Taipei Industry and also provide a tutorial of startup subisdy proposal and R&D subsidy proposal.

All the resources are providing to Entrepreneurs and enterprises to apply during in difference section of their business.


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